Have you ever had to begin again? 

Start from scratch?  

Rebuild something?

Maybe it was a new school, a new job, your body, your healthy, your mind, or maybe a relationship.  

It can feel unnerving & scary not knowing what it is going to be like.  

I just dropped my older two boys off to school this morning, new teacher, new class room, new students.  They were feeling shy, nervous and a bit excited.

When we begin again, it's 100% normal to be filled with a mix of emotions.  There’s the letting go of what you had and the reality check to where you are currently at and what we're going into.  This can be humbling.

I remember being so active during my pregnancies and loved how I had less aches and pains when I moved.  

I loved the clarity of mind and positive mood it put me in.  

Even towards the final weeks of my pregnancies (when I had a definite waddle going on), I was still able to lift weights and feel strong.

I had high hopes for my postnatal journey and getting back to doing the things I loved asap.  

I thought my baby was going to slide down the slippery slide that they talked about at antenatal class and birth with ease and joy…boy was a wrong.

That slippery slide doesn’t take babies that are both breech and posterior no matter how determined you maybe!

And after having two VBACs I can assure you there is no slippery slide but oh how we all wished there was! Read more of my story here.

Giving birth by emergency C-section was like starting from scratch for me.

  • I didn’t understand exactly what had happened to my body, only that it was major abdominal surgery and I had to slow down.
  • I didn’t know how to handle the pain but that I had to learn.
  • I didn’t know when I would be able to exercise and move the way that I loved to again but I would have to be patient and try work it out.
  • I didn’t know how I was going to look after a vulnerable newborn baby while I was still unable to do a lot but would have to learn how to accept help not just for my baby but also me.
  • I didn't know if my body would ever be the same again.

Beginning again is hard. You have more questions than answers.   

After giving birth via C-section there is a huge journey ahead to reclaiming the strength we once had.

  • Rebuilding our core
  • Rebuilding our stability, posture
  • Rebuilding our endurance & strength
  • and discovering the incredible confidence within your self and your body takes time and effort.
I’m not going to lie or sugar coat it – It can really suck!

It can be disheartening, frustrating and take far longer than you'd want it to.

You might feel unsure of yourself, stuck, afraid, confused or even overwhelmed.

BUT let me encourage you.  You're not alone. 

There is a sisterhood of mamas who have walked this C-section journey and discovered brilliant wisdom, insight, and ways to cope and even thrive. 

There are growing number of specialists that are taking more of an interest and time in finding ways to equip and empower you in your recovery journey than there were 10 years ago.

And we want to share the knowledge and tools we have with you so you don’t feel alone like many of us did during our recovery.
And I want to walk this journey with you.

Over the past nine years, since I joined the sisterhood of mamas who gave birth like warriors, laying their body down to enable their baby to come into this world through C-section, I've worked hard to make your journey better than it was for me.

And since 2015 I am more confident and assured that beginning again after giving birth via C-section, your recovery and return to strength can be done without the guess work, confusion and frustration.  You can take simple steps to help your body to rehabilitate and heal.  Here's how

So this is a journey that we can take together.

Here's some final thoughts:

  • Keep it simple.  
  • Take one day, or even one moment at a time if needed.
  • Do what is possible today knowing that tomorrow we will be able to do a little more.
  • Ask questions - knowing there is no such thing as a dumb question!  Simply a question.
  • Share our journey, the good the bad and the ugly with those who care for you
  • Give yourself permission to feel - knowing there is no ‘right’ way to feel. 

And through your vulnerability you'll find healing, answers, tools, strength, and sisterhood of woman who care for you more than you could know.

So beautiful mama.  

What’s on your heart today?  

How can I help?  

I'm listening.

My recovery was significantly easier simply due to the information & support your program provides


I was introduced to the Birthmark Sisterhood website and program, following my second C-section just under one year ago.  My recovery the second time was significantly easier both physically, emotionally and mentally, simple due to the information and support your program provides and the information shared through your various social media pages.


April 16, 2021

How to Speed Up My C-Section Recovery #1
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