IMPORTANT: please also read our Risk and Release Agreement for our fitness program.



By entering into the Birthmark Sisterhood online training programs, you agree to this agreement in its entirety. 

You need permission from your health care physician before beginning any health/exercise program!

If you are a new mom, you must wait at least two days post C-section operation before beginning the recovery program phase 1, Stage 1.  The Birthmark Sisterhood Postnatal programs are recommended to be progressed at a minimum of two weeks per stage, however only progress when you meet the requirements to move to the next stage.

Due to the intensity of our advanced phases (restored & strong) we do not recommend using them if you have recently had a baby via C-section but begin with phase one (healed) and progressively follow the program.

If you have other injuries besides a standard C-section (without complications) then please seek your medical team before beginning.

By using Birthmark Sisterhood you assume all responsibility for, and all risk of damage or injury that may occur during activities set forth by Birthmark Sisterhood while participating in exercises and activities, using equipment, using nutrition and following Birthmark Sisterhood instructions and advice during these exercises and activities. In consideration of participating in Birthmark Sisterhood, you release and discharge Birthmark Sisterhood, its and their owners, employees and agents, from all claims, demands, rights or causes of action, present or future, whether known, anticipated or unanticipated, and resulting from or arising out of, engaging in, or incident to, the participant’s nutrition, activities and exercises in Birthmark Sisterhood.

Birthmark Sisterhood, as well as all other exercises and activities, medical, nutritional, dietetic, therapeutic, or other decisions, dosages, treatments or drug regimens should be made in consultation with your personal health care practitioner. AS WITH ALL HEALTH MATTERS, DO NOT BEGIN Birthmark Sisterhood Recovery Program OR ANY OTHER EXERCISES AND ACTIVITIES WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING YOUR PHYSICIAN, CLINICIAN OR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER.

Birthmark Sisterhood is for Personal Use only.

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