Enhance Your Pregnancy & Recovery Journey

As woman we all deserve to have the Knowledge, Support & Tools to help empower our birth experience and recovery.

Whether planned or unexpected, 1 in 3 woman give birth by C-section.

Currently there is a growing number of women who find themselves giving birth by Emergency C-sections - Women who never planned on having a C-section. 

As Birthmark Sisterhood we are here to lift the level of pre & postnatal care for woman who find themselves giving birth by the medical marvel of a Caesarean.

Empower your journey before you give birth.

We CAN'T always control the birth experience we have, BUT we CAN prepare ourselves with knowledge, wisdom & the practical steps we can take to improve our postpartum experience.

We believe you deserves to feel equipped and empowered with the knowledge & tools to walk your postpartum journey well.

C-section SAVVY is a our FREE video series to empower you & your partner before you give birth, whether you plan on having a C-section or not.

These FIVE sessions will empower you with the most critical information that 82% of pregnant woman are NOT TOLD...but should be.

C-section SAVVY is here to empower every pregnant woman.   I would love you to come and join me, watch the free videos and feel confident that you have the crucial information you need, in case you have a C-section. 

Take The Guesswork Out Of Your C-Section Recovery.

Though each birth is a unique journey, there is a beautiful connection that we carry.

Whether planned or unexpected, our little ones enter into the world through the medical marvel of a C-section, leaving behind a scar that connects us all.

One of the tools to empower your recovery is our C-SECTION RECOVERY PROGRAMS

This is the program for woman who want to safely rehabilitate and strengthen their bodies after giving birth while also honoring the healing journey post caesarean (C-section).  

Resource Hub

Knowledge is power. We have a variety of incredible video resources created by different specialists to help you enhance your recovery.  Scar Therapist & Pre and postnatal fitness specialist. 

12 Videos

Basic C-Section Recovery Program

Minimum Six Week Program (including ten video sessions)

Immediate guidance and support from the moment you have your c-section.  Learn how to honor the healing phase with safe rehabilitation following major abdominal surgery. Gently preparing the body for future exercise by laying the right foundations.

Premium C-Section Recovery Program

18 Week Program - Self Paced (over 40 video sessions)

Step by Step Video Guided Recovery Program to empower you through your entire journey, post C-section back to a strong and functional body so you can live your best life without hesitation. Take the guesswork out of your recovery.

The reality is many people will not understand

what the journey is like 

  - BUT WE DO! 

  • Help you prepare before your C-section with knowledge and tools that will enhance your birth and recovery experience.
  • Discover what you can do and what to avoid
  • Understanding what steps to take to heal & strengthen your body
  • Increasing confidence to know what your body will be able to do in time
  • Support one another through the highs and the lows

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