Take The Guesswork Out Of Your C-Section Recovery

C-SECTION RECOVERY PROGRAM is the program for woman who want to safely rehabilitate and strengthen their bodies after giving birth while also honoring the healing journey post caesarean (C-section).

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Safely exercise post Caesarean

Heal & Restore Your Core

Strengthen Your Body

Support Throughout Your Journey 

Discover our Unique Approach

Why You Need C-Section Recovery Program

Our bodies are amazing, but the reality is after major abdominal surgery our body will take longer than we expect to heal.  Trying to navigate rehabilitation by ourselves can be overwhelming especially as a mum of a newborn.  

  • Want to know WHEN you can get back to normal life?  
  • Want to have confident in HOW to safely exercise following your C-section?  
  • Want to strengthen your core without injury?  
  • Want to know what you can do to SPEED UP YOUR RECOVERY?
  • Does exercise feel uncomfortable or strained and don't know WHERE to start?
  • Want to have SUPPORT in your recovery?

What you'll get

Speed Up Your Recovery With The Right Tools...


Learn what you CAN do to support your recovery.  We will give you the RIGHT EXERCISES and the RIGHT TIME. Utilizing movement to enhance your recovery, while introducing important foundations for your body.  


Understand the importance of a balanced training approach with a combination of Stretch, Core, Functional and Restorative Walking Sessions to reduce common aches & pains as a C-section Mama. 

strengthen body & MIND

Be guided in strategic and progressive exercise to safely challenge the body without losing technique and form.  Discovery what your body & mind is capable of and learn how to push through once it is safe to do so.

guided by experts

Learning from qualified professionals to empower your recovery.  Personal Trainers, Scar Therapists, Counsellors, Midwives, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Clinical Nutritionist and Pelvic Floor Specialists.  Building confidence in the steps you need to take.


Over 40 video lessons featuring pre & post natal specialist Naomi van Jaarsveld.  This enables you to work out with her while she helps you master technique and keep motivated in each workout.  Also Mini Video Series with Scar Therapist Deane Bell and Exercise Insight Series.


Learn how to engage muscles correctly and effectively with each exercise for better results. Maximize your time with custom designed workouts for C-section Mamas.

C-Section Recovery Program can help you get results

What our bodies really need after giving birth, and especially via caesarean, is the right approach.

We have created and designed this program with you in mind.  Every video session has been mindfully created to gently and safely guide your body towards full strength - step by step.  

We believe you're more than a mum.  We believe you deserve to have a healed body from the inside out - mind, body and soul so you can live your best life without hesitation

Hi I'm Naomi van Jaarsveld

I’m a Hamilton-based Pre & Post Natal Specialist, Personal Trainer, and REHAB trainer with over 12 years experience.  Wife, mother of three busy boys and fellow C-section mama.  I'm on a mission to lift the level of Pre & Postnatal care for C-section mamas - so woman can live their best life!  I believe every woman deserves to have a healed, restored and strong body from the inside out! 

Birthmark Sisterhood Founder

Our Sisterhood...

I would definitely recommend Naomi to any woman who has had a baby

Naomi provided step by step, easy to follow exercises for me to safely start to regain my core strength, after my caesarean. I would definitely recommend her to any woman who has had a baby (however long ago that was).


I love this programme because it's targeted to my specific needs post c-section; I know the exercises are safe

After my second baby I did too much activity too soon and ended up injuring myself and going backwards in my postnatal recovery. I love this programme because it's targeted to my specific needs post c-section; I know the exercises are safe and the way each phase progresses from stage to stage is just the right increase in difficulty. Each session is roughly 10-15 mins, which is actually doable as a busy mum of three. Each day has a different focus so it keeps it interesting. Thank you Naomi! Your programme is a blessing 

Mandy - MUM (NZ)

And the program comes with...


Online Program
  • Over 30 Video Workouts Custom Programed Exercise Videos for Caesarean Mamas
  • THREE Phases to Complete 1) Healed  2) Restored  3) Strong Phase has
  • Within each Phase there are THREE Stages. Stage 1, 2, 3. Each stage lasts for a minimum two weeks.
  • Every Stage has Four Different Training Sessions: 
  • 1. STRETCH: improve flexibility
  • 2.CORE: restore core & pelvic floor function       
  • 3.FOUNDATIONS: strengthen your body 
  • 4.RESTORATIVE WALKING: How to use walking to enhance your recovery

14 Lessons

30 Videos 


Resource Hub
  • Mini Video Series w. scar therapist Deane Bell (3 videos) Including How To massage Your scar)
  • Exercise Insight Video Series. (4 Videos) Delving deeper into core connection, pelvic floor, glute activation, posture and more
  • Top Tips For for C-Section Recovery - PDF Download Best 12 tips that every C-section mama needs to know
  • The Secret to Early C-section Recovery. (Video) 

    Learn the secret to early C-section recovery in this video, including special "log-roll method" to reduce the pain of getting in & out of bed.

7 Lessons

8+ Videos 


  • Private Facebook Group
  • Connect with a Community  of C-section Mama's from around the world (Birthmark Sisterhood) and be supported as you journey through your recovery

  • Support each other through Highs & Lows
  • Opportunities to connect further with our experts. Scar Therapist, Personal Trainer, Psychologist, Clinical Nutritionist, Counsellor, Pelvic Floor Specialist & more.

Private Group



Resource Hub Access

Knowledge is power. We have a variety of incredible video resources created by different specialists to help you enhance your recovery.


  • Top Tips for C-section Recovery (PDF Download)
  • The Secret To Early C-section Recovery (Video) including special "log-roll method" to reduce the pain of getting in & out of bed
  • First 2 Weeks - Mini Video Series (x4 Videos)  Begin even while in hospital post C-section to help enhance your recovery
  • Enhance Your Scar Healing - Mini Video Series. (3x Videos) with expert Scar therapist Deane Bell
  • Exercise Insight Series (4x Videos) 
  • All new resources added to the Hub




Best Value



Signature Program 
C-Section Recovery Program. Complete Guide to Recovery (Phase 1, 2 & 3).

Learn how to safely introduce gentle movement and exercise  to aid your recovery from days post C-section and then step by step lead you through your recovery back to a strong and functional body so you can live your best life without hesitation.


  • Lifetime Access
  • Same Day Access Tools to empower your recovery from the moment the doctor says you can get out of bed post op.
  • Access to COMPLETE C-section Recovery Program
  • ALL three phases: 1. Healed, 2. Restored and 3. Strong
  • Enhance your C-section Recovery with this rehabilitation focused program.
  • Over 30 Video Workout sessions
  • Sessions begin at 10 minutes build to 20-30 minutes
  • Simple and Effective sessions to empower your healing
  • 18 Weeks Course - Step by Step. Self Paced
  • Recommended Weekly Guide & tips for  ALL Phases - PDF downloads to help optimize your recovery.
  • Private Facebook Group -  Support from the Sisterhood
  • Complete Access to ALL the BONUS content in RESOURCE HUB including:
  • Mini Video Scar Series w. Scar Therapist - Deane Bell (3x Videos)
  • Exercise Insight video Series w. Pre & Post Natal Specialist Naomi van Jaarsveld (4x Videos)
  • The Secret To Early C-section Recovery (video)
  • TOP 12 TIPS for Early C-section Recovery (PDF download)
  • All Fresh Content as it is added to the HUB, including future mini series with other experts.





Get started now!

Heal, Restore & Strengthen Your Body With Simple But Powerful Steps

What Makes Us Different

This program is SPECIFICALLY designed for C-section Mamas.
It's a gentle progressive approach that gradually moves you towards strength.

What makes this program UNIQUE is that IT WILL EMPOWER YOU with what you CAN DO to enhance your recovery from the time that your doctor says you can get out of bed post C-section.

Because you're not just recovering from giving birth you've also undergone major abdominal surgery.


Learn how to lay the right foundations from the beginning so that you can ENHANCE the healing process post  
C-Section and honor your recovery.

Using short sessions to:
  • Help reduce aches & pains and improve your alignment and posture through our STRETCH sessions.
  • Learn to SAFELY reconnect with pelvic floor muscles and establish correct breathing patterns that will enhance future core work in our CORE sessions. 
  • Learn how to GENTLY engage muscles to help improve your alignment and posture and promote blood flow by using gentle movement to help with initial healing.
  • Complementing these video sessions will be RESTORATIVE WALKING a vital part of your recovery journey.


This phase is all about EMPOWERING YOUR BODY TO FUNCTION MORE EFFECTIVELY on a day-to-day basis
It builds upon the former phase. 

The reality is there are still important foundations that need to be laid and strength to be build.   

Learn how to ENGAGE MUSCLES more effectively and use CORRECT TECHINQUE to maximize each workout session. 



This phase is all about increasing your functional strength and fitness.  Including the optional use of resistance bands/loops and dumbbells' to sessions.  

By the end of this phase YOU WILL KNOW WITH CONFIDENCE that you have a healed, restored and strong body.

Frequently asked questions

How soon can I begin this program?

You can begin as early as when doctor/surgeon gives you the all clear to get out of bed post C-section.  Because our first phase is all about HEALING and honoring the recovery journey from the beginning.  However you can begin it anytime after this too.

How many times a week should I do this program?

We provide a Recommended Weekly Guide for you to follow with potential tips on how to maximize the time you commit.  

I would recommend that you complete one of each of the video sessions in the stage you are in.  eg: PHASE 1: HEALED...Stage 1= complete 1x Stretch session  1x Core session   1x Foundations session and then 1-2x Restorative Walking Sessions.

There's freedom to make it work for you.

Is this program only for people who have recently had a C-section?

Not at all.  What is unique about this program is that it is safe for someone to begin from the moment the doctor says you can get out of bed when in hospital.  HOWEVER If you are 4 months or more post c-section then you would journey through PHASE 1 - potentially at a fast pace as shown in our schedule.  

How do I know when to progress through each stage?

I will help guide you every step of the way and will continue to prompt you with WHEN to progress.  The Golden Rule is you only progress when you can do the exercises with ease, with straining, good technique and form.  Something I keep coaching you with throughout every session

If I've had a C-section weeks or even months ago, would this program still be beneficial?

Absolutely! We have a pathway for you to optimize your recovery.

You'll still cover every stage but with a few intentional differences to maximize where you are at in your recovery.


You can BEGIN this program as soon as your doctor gives you the all clear to get out of bed.  Healing takes time and honoring the journey is essential to optimizing your recovery.  This program will take a minimum of 18 weeks to complete as you'll spend a minimum of TWO weeks with each stage - potentially longer.  Leading you to a strong, functional and confident body. 


If you begin the program a month or three post C-section then you may find that when you complete the first stages/s you may be ready to progress after a week or so.  In this case your Restorative Walking Sessions would be a greater focus.  But for the majority of this recovery program we recommend you spend at least two weeks per stage.  


If you begin the program three months or even years post C-section then you may find that when you complete the first stages/s you may be ready to progress after a week or so.  While laying those foundations you would focus on longer Restorative Walking Sessions with the potential for more undulating surfaces, however always listen to your body.  Once you reach PHASE TWO - Restored, we recommend you spend at least two weeks per stage.  

If I didn't give birth via C-section can this program be of benefit to me?


Though is has been designed specifically for C-section Recovery, the principles are able to help any woman and at any stage of life to learn how to utilize their bodies well.  

If you've given birth vaginally this program can be empowering.

Woman who have gone through hysterectomy also can find themselves in the position where the is little to no support in their recovery post operation.  So this program could also be very empowering.

  • Learning how to gentle engage their muscles correctly
  • Learn the advantage of gently building progressively to allow your body to be challenged without losing technique and form.  
  • Restoring not just strength but also function of the body so every woman can live their best life without restrictions.