Empower your journey before you give birth.

Come and be equipped & encouraged with the knowledge and practical steps that you and your partner can take to help you heal and rehabilitate more effectively after your give birth (body, mind & soul).

Baby on the way? 

or Having a Planned Caesarean?

We can't always control the birth experience we have, but we can prepare ourselves with knowledge, wisdom & practical steps we can take to improve our postpartum experience.

During 2020, 29.8% of all births in New Zealand were via Caesarean AND 60% of these were Emergency Caesareans (EC).   (EC = Decision to have a Caesarean made during active labour).

With increasing rates of Caesarean Sections, we wanted to make sure that families were empowered with what they CAN do to improve the healing & rehabilitation throughout their Caesarean Journey.

It's time to stop having to guess what to do to improve your recovery and get equipped.

This 2 hour workshop includes:

C-section Overview

General knowledge, types of C-sections, reasons they're needed, risks & benefits and what happens in a Caesarean.

Healing Timeline

Understanding the different phases of healing that your body will be going through and what that means for your recovery.

Practical Preparation

Learn what action you can take - before your Caesarean, while in hospital & returning home post operation.

Rehab & Return to Exercise 

Guidelines for WHAT exercise is safe to do and WHEN you are able to start post Caesarean. Common mistakes woman make when returning to exercise post Caesarean.

Top Tips for Recovery

This has been formed by the 1000's of woman that have already walked this journey.  Giving you the inside scoop to help you recovery and experience less pain.

Scar Management

What to expect with scar healing.  Things you can do to promote healing or hinder it. Highlighting the fact that scar massage is an important part of rehabilitation particularly for the abdominal muscles.

Processing Birth Journey

Giving birth can leave us with some unexpected feelings and emotions. We'll discuss different ways to help you process this.

Holistic Recovery Approach

There's not always just physical scars that need healing.  Healing body, mind, soul & spirit is important for complete healing.


There will be time to be able to ask any questions you may have, and we will do our best to answer them.

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