• Do you have a sore back?
  • Do you have a flat butt?
  • Do you want an extra edge in your training?
  • Could all that sitting as a newborn mama but messing with your recovery?
Good news there's something you can do about it!
Could it be true that your glutes hold the secret to these questions and so much more?

This video discusses:
  • Glute bridge progressions to activate your glutes.
  • 11 different body weight, no-gear-required bridge progressions.
  • Demonstrate and explain each exercise over a 30 seconds.
C-section recovery is something that needs to be treated with respect and wisdom. The key is healing, restoring and strengthening the body safely and specific to your own journey is PROGRESSIONS!

Remember we never ADD (difficulty) to SUBTRACT (technique).The goal is always QUALITY!

So give it a go amazing mamas!

This is your chance to take time to invest into you so that you can have confidence in the body you have!