Yes you had a C-section - but your pelvic floor was still affected, weakening it's ability to function well and in need of restoration! 

THIS video discusses:
  • What the pelvic floor is
  • What it's role is
  • Benefits of a strong pelvic floor
  • How to engage your pelvic floor: 3mins 29seconds
  • How to add your pelvic floor engagement to you foundational exercise: "CORE BREATH".

Incontinence, having a dragging feeling down below & pain during sex doesn't need to be part of your life after having a baby!
You deserve better.

Take action in enhancing your recovery!
Remember - you can do your pelvic floor exercises almost anywhere!
So give it a go amazing mamas! This is your chance to take time to invest into you so that you can have confidence in the body you have!