We created a C-section Scar Mini Video Series as one of the resources we offer.  It's a three part video series presented by the incredible Scar Therapist Expert Deane Bell.

I wanted you to have this video as soon as possible as we believe it has the potential to enhance your incision healing and recovery.  Deane will teach you how to tape your incision so that it can reduce the pressure on your incision.  

Keep an eye on your inbox for our next resource to enhance your recovery.

As always go gently, listen to your body and I look forward to journeying with you again soon.

Our Approach Is Unique

Your recovery can begin sooner than you think!  

You can enhance your recovery with simple but effective movements that are designed specifically for C-Section mamas, like yourself, during your recovery.  

From the moment you are released from hospital you can begin.  Slow but intentional action, enhancing your healing and leading you to a healed restored and strong body from the inside out.  

With our approach you won't have a print out of exercisers to try and follow, no I will do every session with you and guide you each stage and phase.  That's what the sisterhood is all about, doing the journey together.

Let us take the guesswork out of your recovery.  Motherhood is complicated enough you shouldn't need to add researching how to safely rehabilitate yourself to the list!  I've done thousands of hours work to bring this all together for you and mamas like you.

And just incase you haven't already taken advantage...the first two weeks are on me!  A little something for you to know you're not alone and that there's someone here to help.  Click HERE to gain access.

The full course will be available VERY soon....so if you want the more exclusive deals for that then make sure you sign up to that too.  

Recovery's better together.