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Signature Course: C-section Recovery Program (FULL)


This is your one stop complete C-section Recovery Program that will help you from pregnancy (preparing for a potential C-section) through to your entire recovery and return to exercise and full strength.

We’re a sisterhood, we walk with you! Video based, step by step process.

Get complete rehabilitation program, leading you step by step to a healed, restored and strong body.   


  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
    • Mini Onboarding Course to empower you with getting the most out of your program
    • C-section Recovery Pathway – including Pathway Quiz to help you know the right starting point in our program for where you are in your recovery.
  • Access to Complete Recovery Program
    • ALL three phases: 1. Healed   2. Restored  3. Strong 
    • Over 30 videos workout sessions
    • Four Components to enhance your recovery: Stretch, Core, Foundations & Restorative Walking

    • 18 Week Course  – Self Paced
    • Recommended Weekly Guide & Tips for ALL Phases – PDF downloads to help optimize your recovery. 
  • Private Facebook Group – Support from the Sisterhood


  • Complete Access to all the content in RESOURCE HUB including:

    • Mini Video Scar Series w. Scar Therapist Deane Bell (3x Videos)
      • How To Tape Your Incision (early on intervention)
      • Q&A with Scar Therapist Deane Bell – to maximize your incision healing
      • How to massage your scar (demonstration video) with fellow C-section mama
    • Exercise Insight Series w. Pre & Post Natal Specialist Naomi van Jaarsveld. Tips, Tricks and Inside Knowledge (4x Videos)
      • Core Breath
      • Pelvic Floor
      • Glutes
      • Posture Correction
    • Bonus Resources:
      • The Secret To Early C-section Recovery (Video)
      • Top 12 tips for early C-section Recovery (PDF Download)
    • All Fresh Content as it is added to the HUB, including future mini series with other experts.
      • Including monthly coaching calls