Learn how to lay the right foundations from the beginning so that you can enhance the healing process post C-Section and elevate your recovery. Using three sessions STRETCH, CORE AND FOUNDATIONS - set yourself up for success.

December 14, 2021

First2Weeks Mini Series

4 Lessons

Welcome to your FREE TRIAL of our C-section Recovery Program. You will have access to the first stage of our program. Empowering you as early as the doctor gives you the all clear to get out of bed post op. We look forward to journeying with you.

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Understanding how to use this program will empower you as you begin your recovery. A team of specialists have created this program specifically for C-section Recovery.

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To set yourself up for success it's important to understand the WHY & HOW behind our approach to this specialist program. HEALED is about honouring this vulnerable part of your journey.

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Proud of you for honouring the first stage of your healing journey. Take the next step in your rehabilitation journey - step by step guidance.

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