Hello amazing mama, 

Welcome to our rehabilitation program on how to heal, restore & strengthen your body post Cesarean.

Firstly, I want to say, WELL DONE.  

My name is Naomi, wife and mum of three growing boys and fellow c-section mum.

I have over 12 years experience in the Health & Fitness industry as a personal trainer. I’m a qualified Rehab Trainer and pre & post natal specialist working with 1000’s of clients to help heal & strengthen their bodies.  

When you have a Cesarean you’ve haven’t just given birth, you've also undergone major abdominal surgery.   This program has been designed by a team of specialists who wanted to take the guesswork out of your recovery so you can confidently embrace motherhood and all that life has to offer.  

In this course I will guide you with simple but powerful actions that you can take from the day you have your c-section until you return to full strength - helping to reduce pain, heal more effectively and safely strengthen your body from the inside out.

The course consists of the first stage of our NINE stage recovery program.  

We have given you the FIRST STAGE of HEALED to help empower you in your rehabilitation.  

You'll learn:

  • How to enhance your C-section Recovery by using our unique THREE Phase approach equipping you with the right movements, at the right time.
  • How to honor the HEALING phase while introducing foundational movements to enhance your recovery including posture, alignment, core breath and incision healing.

This program has specifically been designed for women who have given birth via C-section.  Women who don’t want to leave their recovery up to chance but want to feel empowered with a step by step approach.  Those who want a strong and functional body.  

It will be a pleasure to journey with you at this crucial part of your recovery.  Because you deserve to have a healed, restored and strong body.

So taking the time to allow your body, mind, and heart time to heal is essential to your recovery.


Your C-Section Recovery was never meant to be walked alone.

Though each birth is a unique journey, there is a beautiful connection that we carry.  Whether planned or unexpected our little ones came into the world through the miraculous medical marvel of a C-section, leaving behind a scar that connects us all.

This is a space for you to feel ACCEPTED, EMPOWERED & SUPPORTED along the road to recovery.  

You are joining other women enhancing their C-section recovery journey:

  • finding new normals.
  • discovering what you can do and what to avoid.
  • understanding what steps to take to heal, restore & strengthen your body.
  • Increasing confidence to know what your body will be able to do in time.
  • Being guided step by step through the process, with specialized videos taking the guesswork out of your recovery.
The most important part of the initial recovery is to rest, heal, and listen to your body.   Go gently.  Being patient and waiting can be the hardest thing to do.

Any other major surgery would have a rehabilitation plan and steps to help lead the patient back to full health - it might include physiotherapy, scar therapy or an occupational therapist to set up your home or workplace.

And yet for C-section mamas this is not the case - that was until now.

Our bodies are amazing, but the reality is after major abdominal surgery our body will take longer than we expect to heal.  Trying to navigate rehabilitation by ourselves can be overwhelming especially as a mum of a newborn.

That’s when the dream of the Birthmark Sisterhood began.  

Here at the Birthmark Sisterhood we believe you're more than a mum.  We believe you deserve to have a healed body from the inside out - mind, body and soul so you can live your best life without hesitation.

We’ve got you. 

So lets get started.


Check out this video below to understand how this program works.

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