You are worthy...

Firstly well done for taking this first step in your recovery.

Finding the time in these early months can be a challenge but you are worthy of a healed, restored and strong body.

Because your time is precious, we want to keep things as easy as possible for you.

That's why we have tailor made this program specifically for woman who want to safely rehabilitate and strengthen their bodies after giving birth while also honoring the healing journey post caesarean (C-section).

Literally just press play and I'll guide you through each session from the privacy of your own home at whatever moment you can snag in your day.

Choose from either:

  • Premium Signature Program - 9 stage self paced complete rehabilitation program.  Learn how to safely introduce gentle movement and exercise to aid your recovery from days post C-section and then step by step lead you through your recovery back to a strong and functional body so you can live your best life without hesitation.  

  • Basic Program - 3 stage self paced guide through the initial foundations of your recovery.  Learn how to honor the healing phase with safe rehabilitation following major abdominal surgery. Gently preparing the body for future exercise by laying the right foundations.

Each video session is designed to lead you confidently through your rehabilitation.

Looking forward to joining you on the inside.


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