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Beautiful Mama,

Welcome to Stage 1 of HEALED.

This is Stage 1.

We focus on gentle, mindful movements.

You may not feel like you can do a lot (and that's totally normal) but by following these simple workouts you will be able to lay the right foundations for your alignment and posture.  

One of the biggest keys in establishing the correct breathing pattern (Inhale: belly rise. Exhale: belly falls)

There is a recommended weekly guide to follow (attached below), however, the most important part of this first phase is to rest, heal, and listen to your body. Go gently.

PHASE ONE: HEALED - has three stages of progression.  You have access to the first stage.

So go gently and listen to your body.

Take it a day at a time.

There is no rush.  Healing takes time.


Phase 1 Healed - Workout Session Flow Chart

Phase 1 HEALED - Session Flow Chart

Phase 1 Healed - Recommended Weekly Guide & Blank Weekly Planner

Recommendations for Program

We've tried to take the guess work out of your recovery and here are some recommendations for making this program a success and enhance your experience