How To Use This Program

Hello amazing mama and welcome to your first phase of our C-section recovery program.

Healed - Stage 1.

Healing takes time.  The pain is real and you have a little one to take care of.

This program is here as a aid for your recovery, to help you move with less pain, and reduce aches and pains, helping your incision to heal well, while prompting gentle connections to muscles that can easily become weaker with life as a mum to a newborn.  

So lets keep things simple as your time is precious:  

  • I would strongly recommend to begin by watching "The secret to early recovery".  This will help reduce pain getting in and out of bed and help the bowels move more freely.
  • When you're feeling sore & achy around the neck and back then give STRETCH 1.
  • Next time you're laying down in bed give CORE 1 a go.  Don't worry it's not your typical core work, there should be no tensing, your core should remain relaxed.  The session is about laying the foundations - learning how to correct use our breathe which can feel rather restricted post operation.
  • If you have just had your C-Section then managing pain is essential, so set timers on your phone to remind you when to take them.
  • Asking and accepting help from others can be humbling but will positively impact your recovery. 
  • There is a recommended weekly guide to follow in the coming lesson, however, the most important part of this first phase is to rest, heal, and listen to your body. Go gently.

Once again every video session and restorative walking session is all about enhancing your recovery. 

Finding time for yourself with a newborn can be challenging, especially when you feel sleep deprived, However taking this 10-15mins for yourself each day will help your journey go so much better.

Remember there's a reason why on a plane they recommend that parents first fix their own oxygen mask and THEN help their children. Looking after yourself isn't selfish it's the opposite!    

Remember you deserve a healed, restored and strong body!

Proud of you.

Lets do this!


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