C-section Recovery Program: First 2 Weeks



C-section Recovery

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About "C-section Recovery Program: First 2 Weeks"

C-section Recovery Program: First 2 Weeks

First2Weeks Mini Series

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Lesson 1:  WELCOME

Welcome to your FREE TRIAL of our C-section Recovery Program. You will have access to the first stage of our program. Empowering you as early as the doctor gives you the all clear to get out of bed post op. We look forward to journeying with you.

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Understanding how to use this program will empower you as you begin your recovery. A team of specialists have created this program specifically for C-section Recovery.

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Lesson 3:  Healed – STAGE 1

To set yourself up for success it's important to understand the WHY & HOW behind our approach to this specialist program. HEALED is about honouring this vulnerable part of your journey.

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Proud of you for honouring the first stage of your healing journey. Take the next step in your rehabilitation journey - step by step guidance.

About the Teacher

Naomi van Jaarsveld

Hi I'm Naomi, Founder of Birthmark Sisterhood. I'm a wife to an awesome husband and mum to three energy filled boys

As a qualified personal trainer with over 12 years experience I've journeyed with people of all different walks of life and helped them achieve their health and fitness goals. I'm a certified REHAB trainer and Pre & Postnatal Specialist.

I have experienced both an emergency c-section and two VBACs, a miscarriage, minor prolapse, horrible perineal tears that took hours to stitch (yikes), reflux/collic bubs, back injuries, knee injures and the list goes on. I never thought I'd be grateful for these however the reality is each one of these journeys I've had to walk (some over months, some over years) - has made me a far more effective, strategic and compassionate personal trainer.
I'm on a mission to lift the level of postnatal care for woman and especially for c-section mummas!

I believe every woman deserves to have a healed, restored and strong body from the inside out! I'm passionate about taking the guesswork out of their recovery so they can enhance their recovery and get on with living their best life!

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