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4 lessons


This is the first stage of our C-SECTION RECOVERY PROGRAM. This is the course for woman who want to safely rehabilitate and strengthen their bodies after giving birth while also honoring the healing journey post caesarean (C-section).
Let us empower you from the beginning. Learn the secrets to early C-section recovery. Simple but power actions you can take to enhance your healing journey. This is our gift to you.

Premium Course

10 lessons


Knowledge is power!
We have a variety of incredible resources that can help enhance your recovery. Different specialists have contributed to help you take on your recovery from every angle.

Premium Course

14 lessons


You are worthy of a healed, restored and strong body. After having a c-section there is a lot of restrictions. In this c-section recovery program we are all about empowering you with what you CAN do to enhance your recovery.
We've taken the guess work out of it. At least 30 videos in the program all presented by qualified pre and postnatal specialist.

Self paced cause. A minimum of 2 weeks per stage. Always listen to your body!
You've got this!
Looking forward to doing this journey with you!