"Looking back it was a no brainer"

By Jess Kay

Hi, I’m Jess a Mum of three – I’ve had three elective C-sections due to a previous myomectomy surgery.

My kids are 7y, 6y and nearly 4y and looking back it was a no brainer, safest option for me to have healthy babies.

But at the time when I first my specialist who said a elective c section was my ONLY option, I felt ripped off. 

I wanted to give vaginal birth a go, even though a flood of women told me I wouldn’t be missing out on anything. I had to kind of mourn the fact a vaginal birth wasn’t an option for me.

Jess before her first C-section 2013

It was weird picking your babies birthdate, walking into theatre, sitting on the bed and next minute you come out with a baby....no build up on contractions.  Which I secretly wished I had.

Skin to skin with newborn 

Because it was planned I could mentally prepare myself (as much as I could before knowing what my first C-section was going to be like) and arrange care for subsequent C-sections for the older kids. 

Apart from getting the pain meds that agreed with me right in the first 24 hours I recovered really well.  I kept active through out all my pregnancies, walking and doing yoga and I put down my recovery going so well and feeling good to having a active lifestyle.

I was lucky enough to have my husband around to support me post pregnancies to help with the “heavy lifting” and looking after the two older kids.

Do I still wonder how I would have handled a vaginal birth? Yes.

Am I completely happy with the outcome + recovery – yes absolutely.

April 16, 2021

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